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It’s a story as old as time: whenever a Black woman realizes her potential and experiences success, there’s a problem. We’re too sexy, too loud, too Black. The truth is, society hates confident Black women. Unambiguous, confident Black women, at that. Fat, dark, short, tall, curvy, brown, slim; it doesn’t matter what our defining characteristics are. There’s something inherently terrifying about the confident Black women. And what do people do with something they fear? They try and destroy it.

The question is: why is a confident Black women so damn scary?

Why do confident Black women make you so uncomfortable?

Before we can answer that, we have to examine…

Curvy plus size black woman illustration
Curvy plus size black woman illustration

Fat is not new. In fact, I would wager, no current state of humanity is new; there have always been LGBTQ people, nonbinary people, tall people, short people, and yes, fat people. In recent years, thanks to the tireless work of fat and body activists, the realities of living while fat have become a trending topic and one of those realities that is impossible to escape is fat phobia.

Best defined (IMHO) as “an abnormal and irrational fear of being fat, or of being around fat people,” fat phobia goes much deeper than just outward physical appearance or social media…

Jess Sims

Fat Fashion, Health & Fat Culture Freelancer. I write stories about Black women, fat women and fat BLACK women.

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